First visit. Exploration, includes a first treatment, delivery of guidelines and exercises on the different pathologies.

75 €

50-minute session. Individualized treatment with a physiotherapist.

50 min

43 €

25-minute session. Individualized treatment with a physiotherapist.

25 min

27 €

Control session with the director of the center, whose experience is more than 25 years.

50 min

65 €

50-minute osteopathy session.

50 min

47 €

Home sessions (consult travel zones).

50 min

50 – 77 €

All services are billed at current rates. You can request your invoices at reception during administrative hours. We also offer the possibility of receiving invoices by email quickly and with the same legal validity as the printed invoice.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. uninterruptedly throughout the year, except national, regional and local holiday in the city of Barcelona, the clinic does not close during holiday periods.