Therapeutic massage

Applied to all types of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

It is not only a conventional massage, but a powerful therapeutic tool by which the physiotherapist, through his hands and clinical sensitivity, affects the body and different tissues to produce a physical, chemical and sensory response that will generate the necessary stimulus to guide the body on the path to healing.

Corrective and postural hygiene gymnastics

For patients whose problem is poor posture.

Corrective gymnastics and postural hygiene generates an activation of the patient’s proprioceptive mechanisms. Through active exercises, stretching and postural corrections we make the body organize itself in a more balanced way and stop suffering some structures that in the future could be the focus of pathology.

Schroth technique

Indicated for patients with scoliosis and spinal deformities.

It is a therapeutic method of postural reeducation where a three-dimensional, sensory-motor and kinesthetic work is performed to treat scoliosis in all its complexity. Created in 1921 by the German physiotherapist Katharina Schroth, this method aims to create a routine of individual correction and integration of this in the activities of daily life through the work of the internal musculature of the trunk.

Post-surgical physiotherapy

Patients with hip or knee prostheses, radius plates or screws in the fingers, osteosynthesis material in the elbow, ligament implants, joint recentration and suture of a tendon or muscle belly, as the most common.

It is increasingly known that after any intervention it is necessary to do a good rehabilitation. This work must be done as soon as the surgical intervention allows, since the sooner we begin to stimulate the tissue, the more we will accelerate the recovery of the injury. To this end, we work jointly and in coordination with several surgeons, who give us the guidelines to start with the rehabilitation and with whom we constantly exchange information to do a good multidisciplinary work of the patient.

Pre-surgical physiotherapy

Advisable in patients who will remain for some time with diminished motor functions.

It consists of manual and exercise work prior to a surgical intervention scheduled for later, so that the patient’s structure is maintained with the maximum possible mobility, strength and function until the intervention is performed. The better the patient enters a surgical intervention in all these capacities, the less work the body usually has to do to recover the capacities in the post-surgical work, so for us it is also an essential part of the patient’s rehabilitation.

100% overhaul in one month

People who wish to improve their muscle tone.

From elastification work and manual therapy to rubber bands and therapeutic exercises. Even if you do not have any pathology, the body always appreciates movement and prevention. In our center we do preventive work appropriate to each person.

Circulatory massage

Indicated for heavy legs, varicose veins and edema. Oncological problems.

Also indicated for running and walking athletes and mountain sports. ón.

Home physiotherapy

Patients who are disabled, mothers with newborn babies or in advanced gestation and who suffer from back pain.

Especially for people who are unable to travel and cannot get to our center.

Dry puncture

Indicated in muscular and tendon pathology, and in other pathologies where muscles may have a relevant influence.

This invasive technique has a very fast and effective result in muscular problems, since it has its effect on the motor plate of the muscle, triggering a reflex nervous reaction that will lower the muscle tone and improve the patient’s ailments. It is also used to work on muscle trigger points, which can cause pain referred to neighboring areas. Our therapists are trained in official courses and have very experienced technical and clinical skills.

Treatment of *ATM

The temporomandibular joint (ATM) is the joint that connects the jaw to our skull in the temporal fossa.

Its pathology is caused by multiple foci, which can range from acute trauma to stress problems, including postural alterations, bruxism, etc. Its treatment, therefore, must also be multifactorial and must involve several professionals, but physiotherapists and osteopaths can focus our treatment on this joint through postural work (cervical and dorsal spine), manual therapy and stretching (muscles, ligaments, mobilizations…) and work of the cranial sphere (membranous tensions) to help improve the ailments of our patients. These ailments can appear in the form of pain focused on the TMJ and jaw, upper cervical spine pain, shoulder girdle problems, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, etc.

Phascial therapy

Fascia is a structure that performs many functions.

The main one is that it is a supporting and connecting structure, which relates many tissues to each other and establishes a continuity between these tissues (bones, muscles, organs, nervous system…). We can work this fascial tissue, both from the therapeutic massage, as well as with specific techniques of stretching, traction, mobilization and tension of this fascia. This treatment ranges from the common treatment of cervical pain to the correction of Achilles tendinitis.

Sohier technique

Indicated for patients with joint problems.

Patients with joint problems, such as joint misalignment or off-centering.


All types of structural alterations (vertebral or peripheral joint semiluxations).

Osteopathy is a therapeutic discipline and a set of specific knowledge based on human anatomy and physiology, which gives a three-dimensional approach in its biopsychosocial aspect of the patient and uses techniques to normalize all the dysfunctions that arise in the body and that can cause pathology and disease. It consists of 3 main areas of action: structural, visceral and cranial. Our osteopaths are trained in the best schools of osteopathy in Spain to help you find and solve these dysfunctions and to normalize the function of the body to prevent and treat various pathologies. Their work can be very interesting in joint impingement, herniated discs, sciatica, cervicobrachialgia (cervical pain with pain referred to the arm), lack of mobility in the joints of the limbs, back pain of visceral origin, etc..

Lymphatic drainage

Removal of ganglions, surgical interventions, cancerous conditions, plastic surgery residues, fluid retention, circulatory problems, etc.

Manual lymphatic drainage helps in many pathologies that can cause lymphedema and edema in the extremities. From this manual lymphatic drainage, we can help the body to reabsorb the water and protein content found in the tissue and direct it to the lymphatic vessels for drainage.

Foot reflexotherapy

Indicated for patients with stress, dermatological problems, skin problems, etc.

Patients with stress, dermatological problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, insomnia, headaches…

Physiotherapy in pediatrics

Treatment of congenital torticollis

Treatment of congenital torticollis, colic, pre and post-surgical physiotherapy, neurological disorders, hemiparesis, brachial plexus stretching, myopathies, rheumatic pathology…